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Fundraiser Artwork

fundraiser artwork

What is this?

What is this?

This is a fundraiser for organizations related to the current 2020 Police Brutality Protests. For this particular fundraiser, there are many organizations that need donations, so we will be aggregating a list of them down below.

How did this work?

How did ths wrk?

Send the receipt from your donation to any organization to or DM @doodledonations on instagram with the reference photo you would like drawn. Any amount will do. You can visit the COVID-19 Fundraiser on the next tab to see what past doodles have looked like (though, the style will be more varied this time around).



(This is an incomplete list of resources I found on the online, taken from #blacklivesmatter threads on twitter and instagram. Please correct me if any information is outdated/invalid. I will accept receipts from any organization not listed here as well.)

NOTE: this information is overwhelming. GOOD. 400+ years of being treated as everything other than human beings is overwhelming. Forfeit the privilege if you have it and read a damn book.

Super Resource Compilations

[Petitions, Donations, Protests, Education, Contacts + More]

#BlackLivesMatter Wiki Doc - Contains many petitions, donation links for black owned small businesses and other larger fundraisers, detailed protesting tips/resources, extremely fruitful education section for allies and black people, including threads on mental health and LGBTQ groups, features contacts for important officials with connections to recent police  brutality cases.

Black Lives Matter Info - (A little sloppy looking), contains petitions, further resource compilations, educational resources (free Yale course), and contact info for officials, accompanied by police complaint scripts.

Black Lives Matter CarrdVery thorough resource compilation. Contains petitions, contact information with scripts, donation threads with resources on how to donate without money, separates donations into groups (victims, protesters, black owned businesses, organizations, more), resources for black mental health, accessibility for deaf and HoH, voter registration, AND SO MANY MORE COMPILATIONS.

Compilation Broken Down into Categories - Categories: Accountability, action, black business, support, and self care.

Support Black People MasterDoc - Resources with emphasis on Black (trans)women. Organizations to donate to, protest tips.

Shareable Anti-Racism Resource Guide (Google Doc) - "This anti-racist resource guide was crafted amidst the anger of the latest black body turned hashtag #AhmaudArbery. It is consistently being updated to address the current climate of our country and the personal growth needed to sustain this life-long journey." Utterly massive. HIGHLY organized.

The Movement

Black Visions Collective

National Police Accountability Project

Campaign Zero - Utilizes research based policy solutions to end police brutality in America.

Get Out Stay Out - [NY]  Reducing recidivism through education, employment, and emotional well-being.​

Reclaim the Block

Know Your Rights Camp

Places to Donate/Petition

George Floyd Memorial Fund

Fight For Breonna

Justice For Regis

I Run With Maud

Black Women Killed by Police Brutality

Bail Funds/Legal Help by City 

Thread of Black Owned Businesses (Any State)

Bail Relief Thread

Support Black Museums!!

BLM Related Projects

Letters for Black Lives - "Crowdsourced, multilingual, and culturally-aware resources aimed at creating a space for open and honest conversations about racial justice, police violence, and anti-Blackness in our families and communities." Started in 2016.

Police Use of Force Project - How police use of force policies can help end police violence.

Educational Resources


Massive Google Folder on Black History and Activism

Anti-Racism Resources

ACLU: Protest Rights [Twitter]

Resource Guide: Prisons, Policing, and Punishment [Twitter]

Letter from a Region in my Mind - James Baldwin [Article]

Book Recommendations + Article - Charmaine Nelson, Harvey Amani Whitfield, Aufa Cooper, Barrington Walker. Article: "A look at anti-black racism in Canada."

More Book Recommendations - Aude Lorde, James Baldwin, Toni Morrison, Isabel Wilkserson

Children's Books that Discuss Race and Racism [Twitter]

Police Brutality in France [Twitter] 

Related to Art

Photography as a Tool For Colonialism [Twitter] -  Contains books and articles related to subject matter, and a very brief overview.

Chaedria LaBoouvier's Experience at  the Guggenheim [Twitter] - First Black curator, woman, and creator of the Basquiat exhibition (2019)


Thread of Police Brutality on Video [Twitter]

Explaining ACAB to Family Members [Comic, Twitter] 

Last updated 6.5.20

Super Resorce Compilations
The Movment
Places to Donate
BLM Relatd Projects



hey. my name is christian! nice to meet you. i started this thing because i woke up mad as butts. i was on twitter for like a couple hours before i got out of bed. just got absorbed in the mayhem of poor leadership, insufficient distribution of resources, the lives on the line, the lives lost, the narcissism. yeah you get it. i hated how unprepared we were. Are? and i hated that i was hating so much. and i was also envious of people doing things for some reason. tiktoks of people dancing with their families, people from italy and everywhere else singing from their balconies. i think i was envious that they were contributing to something greater than themselves and i was mentally shitposting about every systematic flaw that i deemed worthy of the guillotine. i didn't go to sleep that night, my mind was racing with an idea. maybe it's wrong to be doing something because i was upset with my own inactivity? maybe it came from my own narcissism or want for control? whichever side of personal morality the grandfather clock rests after the final tick tocks, i'll choose to follow through with the idea anyway.

the only difference between me and those that were doing something was that i wasn't doing anything. so now i'm doing something too. 

these doodles are what i do to make myself laugh. i hope you can enjoy how crappy and weird they are too. i make other stuff too, which you can look at down below. and here's my personal twitter and instagram if you want to sleuth me out.




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