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Christian Alvarado is an afro-latinx, interdisciplinary artist-educator from New Jersey and current Studio Art MFA Candidate at the University of Oregon. Christian believes overworking and exhaustion separates one from their body, resulting in isolation, dissociation, and apathy - and that these are bad things. Through an interdisciplinary praxis between teaching, speculative writing, story-based illustration and interactive sculpture, Christian promotes community, dreaming, play and freedom by superimposing multiple realities. Their pedagogy derives from the belief that art and art-making are about the relationships one inhabits within themselves and the world around them, and how those relationships change over time.

Christian's pedagogy centers experiential and experimental artmaking with a focus on understanding relationships. They are currently a Studio Art MFA-candidate at the University of Oregon and expects to graduate in June 2024. Christian’s work has been featured in the Laverne Krause Gallery in Eugene, Oregon, the Center for Arts Research in Eugene, Oregon, Foundations Gallery in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia.

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