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Christian Alvarado (they) is an artist searching throughout space and time. Their practice is about making contact with distant parts of oneself. Currently, they are investigating their connection to the Dominican Republic, their ancestral home. Through transdisciplinary storytelling, primarily in drawing, sculpture and writing, their artwork intertwines and negotiates familial, mythological, and historical narratives in order to build foundations for a more fluid identity. Visually, they inhabit poetic analogies between polarities. Their works reference contemporary space technologies, like the James Webb Space Telescope, and iconography from Taino (Indigenous Caribbean) mythology, thus appearing both futurist and anthropological. Heavenly gold hexagons feel pulled from the earth. Celestial scenes of color burst through dramatic black worlds. Organic geometries sprout into clusters which cradle tiny fragments of the cosmos. Christian’s practice centers the idea that one’s relationship to self may be paradoxical, and is ever-changing. Identity is a type of play – a game of hide and seek.

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