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WHat was this?

This was a fundraiser dedicated to helping out wherever we can! Our mission is to contribute some levity while raising money for hospitals under pressure during the current COVID-19 crisis. This round's hospital is HACKENSACK MERIDIAN HEALTH. Until we reach our $500 goal, for every $2 donation we will return a silly doodles that looks a little something like these:

Untitled-Artwork (7).png


Where is this money going?


HACKENSACK MERIDIAN HEALTH. Specifically to their COVID-19 RESPONSE FUND. According to this helpful map, the highest amount of COVID-19 cases in New Jersey are in Bergen County (2,909 as of 3.31.20). This is followed by Essex County (1,900) and Hudson County (1,606). To my knowledge, they were the first to house corona virus cases and they, like many other hospitals, are currently at capacity. In an ideal world, I'd be donating to all of them. I also like their announcements page and they have a really interesting start your own virtual fundraiser  section too. If you want to hop on the donation train you can do so there.

As for why New Jersey... Well, I live here.

How does the money get to the hospital?

After the money is sent to the @DoodleDonations on Venmo, we'll use the the Venmo Card to transfer the funds over to the donation page.

When can I expect my doodle?

They don't take too long to finish, but I'll roll them out 1-3 days after i recieve the donation.

What can I get a doodle of?

Whatever you want.

When the goal is reached will you still take my donation/draw my doodle?

Any donations beyond the deadline will simply be donated, with no accompanying doodle. Sorry!

If you stop making doodles how can I be notified?

This website serves as the hub for all updates regarding this fundraiser. Our associated socials are a valuable source of direct contact if you're into that too. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us through DM.

How do I know you got the money?

I'll leave a like on the payment where I can and email you for other information regarding the doodles.

Is this a part of some larger organization/nonprofit?

No. I'm just some dude who wanted to keep busy during quarantine. But I'm sure there are tons of organizations with more information and stuff.

Wait, you're just a guy? Why not join an established group?

I wanted my own website.


How do I know you're not going to take my money and run?

That's what billionaires are for. The statement section has my socials. Feel free to cancel me if I step out of line. If you want, you can donate directly to the hospital and send me the receipt. That works too.

So you're not making money off of this??


That's kind of dumb.


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